Gesaffelstein abruptly returns with huge techno single ‘Icia’

Illusive French techno DJ Gesaffelstein has reemerged from the shadows to preview a banging new single titled ‘Icia’. The track came out a matter of days after we posted a MISSING poster. Coincidence? No.. Actually, I can’t help myself, we clearly have to take credit for this.

The song is hard and abrasive with a big kick and a vocal hook that’s been tuned by that evil bastard Gesaff (he’s probably pretty nice) in a way to send you into hypnosis. The song isn’t up on streaming services. The only place you can hear it is on YouTube (which we’ve linked below) and it’s got our tick of approval.

This is the first time we’ve heard any musique techno since Columbia Records swooped him up and gave him some big profile blokes and sheilas to collaborate with, like Haim, The Weeknd and Pharrell Williams.