[Interview] Vintage Culture Shares His Musical Journey And Thanks Fans In An Exclusive

If you haven’t kept up with Vintage Culture recently, now is the time to tune back in. We caught him for a chat as he has been releasing non stop bangers. His new single ‘Come Come‘ with Tube & Berger and Kyle Pearce out last week has been a crowd pleaser. It is the third single from his forthcoming album after the releases of ‘Fallen Leaf‘ and ‘If I Live Forever‘.

This progressive maestro has had a very successful year with an impressive discography. Not just with his own tracks but successful collaborations with Franky Wah and Elderbrook. You should add ‘Tina’, ‘Tudo Bem, Tudo Bom‘, ‘Rock The Casbah‘ to your playlist. He also had huge success with his remixes on ‘Spring Girl‘, ‘Temple of Dreams‘ to name a few this year. Vintage Culture sat with us for an exclusive interview regarding absolutely everything from his new track, to music he enjoys and venues he likes to play at. Without further ado let’s get into it.

1. What has been the most technically challenging track you have produced?

Vintage Culture – A specific track doesn’t stand out as my biggest challenge. Rather, it is generally challenging to create the best instrumental while also enhancing and emphasizing the vocals to their fullest potential. For my productions the key is to provide the vocals and the instrumental with equal attention. The vocals and instrumental should be perfectly intertwined throughout my track so they enhance one another. The smallest nuances are important to me. Lyrics have always been important to me. I want them to shine through. This is a delicate balance.

2. What genre of music is your go to for relaxation, inspiration outside of the usual house & techno?

Vintage Culture – I recently acquired a new sound system at home with a focus on vinyl. Spending a bit of time at home these days is a luxury. I’ve gone back to many of my favorite albums I heard growing up. It’s a wide range of music:  Radiohead, old Pink Floyd, New Order, Depeche Mode… even a Van Halen album.  I don’t restrict my listening to electronic music.  Being knowledgeable of other musical genres allows me to incorporate these different textures into my own productions. This helps me to create something unique and special.

3. Your new release with Tube & Berger and Australian vocalist Kyle Pearce is brilliant. What were the highlights of the production of this song? How did you balance your signature sound with tube and berger?

Vintage Culture – Our new single, ‘Come, Come‘ is perfect for the upcoming Summer season in Brazil. As the Winter begins in North America and Europe, the Summer festival season is just beginning in my homeland.  I wanted our track to be an anthem to the great times ahead.  I think ‘Come, Come‘ achieves this. Tube & Berger are talented producers. We are mutual fans of each others’ work.  During our separate tours, we’d share ideas online and consistently try to push each other forward.  Kyle Pearce is also a gifted vocalist. Kyle definitely adds an emotional element to “Come, Come” which took the song to another level- right over the goal line. 

4. Top 3 venues/festivals you’ve played at? And what’s your dream venue/festival to play at in your career?

Vintage Culture – My absolute privilege was to perform at the most renowned music festivals in the world in 2023 and 2022. Among them: Tomorrowland Burning Man, Ultra Festival, Coachella, Lollapalooza.  Performing at each of these iconic events was a dream come true. Imagine reading about these festivals as a young boy in a dusty rural town in Brazil, then one day you’re standing on these stages ?  It was almost surreal. When I think of these moments, I’m filled with gratitude all over again. Some of my biggest musical influences are from the UK. To perform some day at the Glastonbury Festival, Creamfields in Somerset, or BBC’s Big Weekend would be extraordinary. There is also a very special and iconic venue in New York City. Headlining my show there would be the pinnacle of my career so far…. Can you guess which venue ? 

5. Growing up what drew you into music production! What was your inspiration?

Vintage Culture – I can remember the exact day. An older kid handing me his headphones and hearing the first beats of New Order’s ‘Blue Monday‘ shining through the headphones. It was a life changer.  The track was like nothing I’d heard before and I was fascinated. I wanted to learn about every synthesizer, drum machine and piece of studio gear that created this magic.  ‘Blue Monday‘ still makes occasional appearances in my setlists.

6. Something you’d like to share with your fans?

Vintage Culture – I’d like to take this opportunity to say, “thank youto all of the fans who’ve made 2023 a special year.  People have so many choices today- different shows every weekend, or films and video games… So to those fans who chose to come to my shows and listen to my music,I want you to know how important you are to me.  It’s for you that I make this music. It’s for you that I work this hard.  Thank you.

Truly what a down to earth and great person Ruiz is. We had a great time chatting with him. If you are in Brazil do check out his Vintage Is a Festival, an event that has rolled out to five major cities in Brazil and will hit São Paulo next month. He also launched his own record label and festival brand – Só Track Boa.

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