Kasbo Makes a Stirring Return with Euphoric Single ‘Alive’

Swedish electronic music sensation Kasbo is back in the spotlight with his latest release, ‘Alive,’ marking his triumphant return to the music scene. After a three-year hiatus, Kasbo has unveiled this warm and blissful track which follows his last single ‘The Way You Had Me.’ Released via ODESZA’s esteemed Foreign Family Collective label, ‘Alive’ showcases Kasbo’s unyielding passion for electronic music and sets the stage for what promises to be an exciting musical journey.

The past few years have been a period of self-discovery for Kasbo, as he sought to define his artistic direction and vision. While working on various demos, ‘Alive’ emerged as the defining track that represents the next chapter in Kasbo’s musical journey. The track is a sonic blend of Kasbo’s past and future, seamlessly intertwining the euphoric elements of his signature production style with forward-thinking, uptempo rhythms. Anchored in the present with a soothing four-on-the-floor pattern, the track envelops listeners in a whirlwind of heavenly synths, ethereal pads, and captivating vocals, building to a crescendo that washes over the audience in a wave of euphoria.

Kasbo’s transparency as an artist shines through as he shares the moment of inspiration that led to ‘Alive’ becoming his next release:

A few months ago, I was working on “Alive,” and something just effortlessly clicked. There was something about the song that felt like the next direction and sound for Kasbo. It encompasses everything I love about electronic dance music–the euphoria, the sense of adventure, and escape that happens when you remove the distractions. The last few years have been a lot of finding myself and what I want to put out next into the world. I had been working on a bunch of demos but “Alive” is the first song that to me really begins to represent what’s next in the Kasbo world. Being able to release this track as well as seeing the response to “The Way You Had Me” has  given me so much inspiration to dive back into my demos and build out that next big body of work.