Landis ft. Grace Venes-Escaffi – No Requests (Play Bad Bunny)

Landis ft. Grace Venes-Escaffi - No Requests (Play Bad Bunny)

71%Overall Score

• Entertaining story behind a groovy beat
• Great vocals to amplify the narrative
• Tech House set-up with heavy percussions

For all DJs, there always remains a common nuisance: that one guy or gal in the party that goes right in front of the console, in the middle of a set, and asks for that popular song. In this case, I assume that Bad Bunny, the Reggaeton hitmaker, was the prime influence behind this entertaining song.

Landis perfectly nailed the objective to build a narrative, which ends with an implicit conclusion. The vocalist, Grace Venes-Escaffi, is also terrific at characterizing the annoyed tone in her impressive singing. “No Requests” starts with Grace asking the Miami-based act to play something “with words” (sigh), like “Bad Bunny“, only to discover the no-requests policy.

It’s a hilarious moment to witness since an eerie lead introduces the build-up as if we were in a horror flick and the enemy materialized from thin air. The same lead is mostly used in the Tech House drop, smoothly introduced with a set of weighty percussions to give momentum.

This layout remains straightforward, yet efficient in giving a good laugh. It’s great to see that Landis took an otherwise embarrassing situation into a fun-packed story with his adept production, something not craftable so easily.

You can listen to “No Requests (Play Bad Bunny)” here:

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