PROFF Releases Long-Awaited ‘Three Sisters’ Single + EP

We might have just found a contender for the best Organic House track of the entire year.

Fans of the sweet, savoury blend of folklore and Electronic music, fasten your seatbelts. We’ve got something quite interesting to present today, and it comes in the form of a large EP by veteran PROFF. A sensation who has constantly put out banger after banger over the years, the Russian DJ and producer sure knows a thing or two about his craft.

Releasing music spanning a large number of subgenres of the Electronic field, including Progressive Trance, House, and Organic House, PROFF showcases expertise on every path he chooses to follow. Labels such as Anjunadeep, Zerothree, and Monstercat, have all lent a home to some of his best compositions.

The Three Sisters EP

Out today is PROFF’s latest venture, following the road popularly trailblazed by his acclaimed remix for Above & Beyond‘s film soundtrack tune, ‘Surge‘, alongside Igor Garanin, and included on James Grant and Jody Wisternoff‘s Anjunadeep 14. The next chapter in PROFF’s Organic sound is titled the Three Sisters EP, coming your way via M.O.S’ imprint, Melody Of The Soul.

The EP contains a total of five tracks, which actually translate to only three: ‘Three Sisters‘, ‘Reverie‘, and ‘Three Sisters (Ambient Version)‘. The other two are the Radio Edit mixes of the first two songs. Let’s dive into what each piece offers.

Three Sisters

The lead single, and the one which gives the EP its name, is not good, it’s EXCELLENT. It may just be among the top Organic tracks released this year. This is one of those tunes that stand out from the rest, the moment you listen to it. I heard the teaser around three weeks ago and hoped the day would come soon.

Emotional, melodic, groovy, and filled to the brim with texture. The song in itself is an Electronic cover of a Russian folklore song. Vlad (PROFF), ponders about the meaning of his take on the old tale. “‘Three Sisters’ is a record, that was born spontaneously and I remember the goosebumps first time I was listening to an early stage demo as it was yesterday“, he says. “It was written in peaceful times, and changed its message when that time ended“.

“Beauty and art have no boundaries, political views or delusions.”


Expertly crafted, ‘Three Sisters’ contains the perfect amount of elements to come alive, without beginning to turn overwhelming. It’s a beautiful song from start to finish, featuring the celestial vocal lines of Taisia Krasnopevtseva, a bassline that works as a harmony to them, and a couple of extra textures that add the required dynamism to an already incredible work of art. I can’t begin to describe just how flawless ‘Three Sisters’ really is. You have to listen to it by yourself to understand.


The B-side to ‘Three Sisters’, ‘Reverie’, also comes as a sublime piece by PROFF. Yes, yet another sublime piece by him. Oriented a tad more towards the groovy side of things, it has less to say, yet equally the same to transmit to the listener. Enjoy the tender arms of the groove and the delicate sustained elements hitting every first beat, hugging your spirit, and your eardrums.

Three Sisters (Ambient Version)

The Ambient take on ‘Three Sisters’ makes Taisia’s vocals the starring instrument of the entire song, by far. Breaking the four-to-the-floor mould, this version invites listeners to fly away, imagining the origins of the Three Sisters tale, and hoping for a world in which the three nations the myth depicts — Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus — live in peace for Eternity.

And so, be sure to listen to PROFF‘s sensational latest EP, Three Sisters, out now on Melody Of The Soul. Head below to listen to any of the five tracks via Spotify, or click this link here to support them on your platform of choice. Have a great weekend, everyone.