Rex Colter Unveils Fresh New Dubstep EP ‘Robo Dad….

Colorado-based Producer Rex Colter unveils his latest Dubstep EP, ‘Robo Daddy’ via FVYDID. With a distinctive style that seamlessly blends a range of sounds into highly infectious and energetic productions, Rex Colter is paving his way to the top of the list of innovative Producers in the Electronic Dance music realm. Now, the talented Producer presents an impressive 8-track EP that showcases his unique and powerful production style, promising to deliver hard-hitting energy and party-starter tracks.

Having started producing in 2012, Rex Colter has been experimenting with his sound, taking inspiration from his influences to craft his own signature style. With a range of musical influences that include Dirtyloud, The Chemical Brothers and Dillon Francis, to name a few, Rex Colter presents a refreshing production sound that works to capture the human connection to rhythm through intense beats and punchy sonic elements. His unique approach to sound design strategically uses silence and sound to create tension and release, guiding listeners on an unmissable journey through intricate sonic soundscapes. Rex Colter’s continuous search for compelling and potent sounds marks him as an innovative addition to the ever-evolving landscape of Electronic Music.

Sonically built up on intense, pounding beats, driving basslines and lively melodies, the EP displays a hard-hitting Dubstep sound that demonstrates the Producer’s talent. Through the EP, Rex Colter adds new layers of colour to his productions with electrifying sonic elements and acid synth lines; a powerful and punchy vibe that begins from the first track continues through the EP, ensuring that ‘Robo Daddy EP’ brings the energy. Adding to the detailed soundscapes with sweeping, rich vocal samples and full-bodied pads that support energetic build-ups and intense drops, the Producer creates an uplifting and exciting listening experience.

With this EP, Rex Colter displays his signature sound as a skilled expression of his passion and commitment to producing creative releases; as proof of why the Producer deserves attention, ‘Robo Daddy EP’ is a must-listen for all fans of the Dubstep genre. Don’t forget to follow Rex Colter across social media to be updated on his new releases and upcoming projects. ‘Robo Daddy EP’ is out now and is available in all major online stores and streaming platforms.

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