Scientists Plan Live Concert To Study COVID-19

COVID-19 canceled live shows, concerts, and large gatherings until further notice. The “new normal” requires social distancing and preventing the spread of the virus. Now, scientists must study the best ways to do just that.

Scientists will conduct an experiment that includes a live concert with a large gathering of volunteers. This German study will help scientists understand what would happen should mass gatherings return sooner than later. German pop star Tim Vendzko will perform at the event.

How The Study Will Take Place

The study will happen in three stages. The above explains the first stage. Scientists require face masks for stage one. However, the show will act as if it’s pre-COVID. The second stage also includes 4,000 people. However, scientists require social distancing and sanitizing. This is to study the movement within a controlled environment. The final stage, where Vendzko will perform, only includes 2,000 people and more social distancing between concert rows. The arrival and departure via tram of guests will also be taken into consideration.

The study is necessary “in order to map the behavior of the audience as realistically as possible,” says the University Medical Center Halle.

The ages of volunteers attending the show are between 18 to 50. Testing is required for all volunteers 48 hours before the event. They will receive FFP2 filter face masks to wear as well. Additionally, participants will use fluorescent hand sanitizer. Scientists determine what areas and surfaces are frequently touched using this kind of sanitizer. Participants must also use an electric tag to determine time, distance, and frequency of contact with others.

Perhaps this study is a step forward in allowing concerts to safely return to “normal.” Additionally, scientists can tell venues and artists what to do to prevent the spread of the virus at their shows. The importance of understanding the spread of COVID-19 is just a part of the “new normal.”