There’s a 2007 playlist dedicated to Dance & Electro on Spotify

Remember a time when the Ministry of Sound Annual would be released and dictate the next 12 months of music in you cars CD drive? When Myspace was ruling the internet and the radio airwaves were filled with absolute saxophone bangers like Alex Gaudino’s one hit wonder ‘Destination Unknown’.

To celebrate the year that brought Daft Punk’s ‘Alive 2007’ tour to life and saw David Guetta enter the scene, a 2007 playlist has been made on Spotify to induce some fluro-fantastic fashion memories. Follow the Spotify playlist here. Or listen below! Expect dirty drops, dramatic vocals and those ooft chorus sounds that were at the forefront of music innovation.

For those who want to go a bit deeper and hear some of the behind stories from back in the day, look no further than this recent podcast with Bang Gang. It goes into detail about the antics of their infamous parties across Australia.