Tristan ChantZ Debuts On North Of Neptune With ‘Feel It In My Heart’ Ft. Lido Leks

In the pulsing heart of Los Angeles, DJ and producer Tristan ChantZ crafts his distinctive sound. He does so with Bass-heavy synths and Tech House rhythms. This spring, he debuts on Lee Foss’s label, North Of Neptune, with the compelling single ‘Feel It In My Heart‘. Fans of dynamic Electronic music should mark their calendars. Featuring vocalist Lido Leks, this is a track you do not want to miss.

The track, ‘I Feel It In My Heart’, mixes deep basslines and explosive effects. Additionally, Lido Leks’ catchy vocals intertwine with the music, energizing the atmosphere. As a result, it’s perfect for any high-energy club setting. Moreover, Tristan’s innovative use of sampled heart tones and a defibrillator adds a unique twist, pushing the boundaries of typical Tech House tracks. His production skills shine, highlighting his creative approach to music.

‘I Feel It In My Heart’ marks Tristan ChantZ’s exciting entry into the roster of North Of Neptune, a label celebrated for spotlighting cutting-edge talents within the House music realm. This track is a testament to Tristan’s evolving artistry and his ability to create a sonic adventure that resonates with fans of deep, pulsating rhythms. Get ready to feel the vibrancy of Tristan ChantZ’s debut as it reverberates through the speakers this Spring.

Tristan ChantZ – Feel It in My Heart feat. Lido Leks | STREAM