Uncanny “Miracle”? Boris Brejcha bends the rules for his latest experiment featuring Leony

• Tonal switch midway
• Delicate breakdown
• Sharp and minimalist drops

As his next album approaches its release day, Boris Brejcha has already announced the opening track “Miracle” with songstress Leony. It opposes the usual traditions that the German act has held usually, instead embracing eccentricity.

The often masked DJ/Producer has held the mantle of being distinctive in the underground electronic scene; no small feat, considering how independent electronic music has swathes of creative outputs. Best known for his charged-up, minimal techno catalog, Boris Brejcha has carved his niche in the scene and keeps pushing the boundaries. Taking a break from his usual release schedule, the “Gravity” creator broke the silence with a collaborative project involving vocalist Leony, who has stormed into the mainstream scene with several millions of streams, working with artists like VINAI, VIZE and recently Felix Jaehn.

Heading into “Miracle,” the listener is brought into a delicate arrangement of soft piano chords, as Leony’s vocals croon over the ensemble. What most wouldn’t anticipate is the drop looming— sinister, gnarly but slick electro bassline— staying close to Brejcha’s territory. There’s a simple and funky riff played by these synths, only joined by hissing white-noise-generated hats and then cowbells. All are neatly structured to amplify the groove, which transitions back to the initial breakdown but only for a while before taking the reins with more gusto.

A demonstration between light and dark sounds, Boris Brejcha has done an intriguing job on “Miracle.” The odd tonal switch-up might be hard to appreciate at first, but getting down into the nitty-gritty, the song has a genuinely creative take.

You can listen to “Miracle” here: