6SIXSIX – Tourner Dans Le Vide

6SIXSIX - Tourner Dans Le Vide

78%Overall Score

• Unique take on the viral song
• Darker bassline on the lighter pop tune
• Minimal, but gets the job done

When I approved a review of “Tourner Dans Le Vide” by 6SIXSIX, little did I know about the fact that it has been used countless times in memes involving Andrew Tate, the radical internet celeb. Ugh.

While I definitely don’t share the vision and the opinions of Mr. Tate, I did enjoy this Slap House rework, which steers far from Phonk while maintaining a darker, familiar Bassline in the background, gently conflicting with Indila’s vocals. The union between a lightweight pop sound and darker EDM soundscape has become a trend in the previous months, as several slowed-down, trap, and Phonk versions of this French song got viral on social media… However, this version stands out slightly, in my opinion.

The bassline grows into a crescendo, following the vocal’s dynamics and culminating in a solid Slap House section. Nothing unique here, as the voice and the bass get the job done. Listening to the drop is entertaining, and repeating it over and over reveals the hypnotic aspect of the combination.

“Tourner Dans Le Vide” received genuinely great treatment, and it doesn’t bother me what people are associating this song with. I liked the sound and the vocals. As said before, 6SIXSIX never stops to amaze!

You can listen to “Tourner Dans Le Vide” here:

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