Berlin Opens New Club In Airport

Berlin is constantly innovating in the club space. A few years back, they started Teledisko, the world’s smallest club. It looks like a telephone booth and is a unique experience for 1-2 people.

Now, a new club is opening up at Berlin’s defunct Tegel Airport. Called Turbulence TXL (very fitting), the venue’s inaugural party features Mareena, Philipp Johan Thimm, Lisbird, Saraab, and a special B2B between Zebra Katz and S Ruston. It will be fittingly called “Lift Off.”

The airport closed in 2020. It has since been host to the sound art festival, Sonambiente Berlin TXL. The festival took place this past summer at both its A and B terminals. The festival hosted talks, audio compositions, sound performances, and a virtual reality installation from Laurie Anderson and Hsin-Chien Huang.

Turbulence TXL’s launch party will take place in the former airport’s cafeteria. I wonder if food will be served to the capacity crowd of 700. Following its eight-hour day party, the space will be open for live music, workshops, art installations, and club nights.

The space’s mission is to “transform the franchtkantine at Tegel Airport into a creative hub.”

You can buy tickets for their first party here.

Lift Off - Flyer front