Coumarin – “New Descent”

German songwriter takes leap into the psychedelic unknown on fuzzed-out new single

Defying genre landscapes and building a sound that’s entirely his own, German singer-songwriter Coumarin returns with the affecting new single “New Descent.” Built on a foundation of fuzzed guitars and spaced-out synth textures, it’s a track that showcases an artist with a drive for the unique and innovative. Lyrically, it explores feelings of loneliness and isolation: “the subjects I deal with in the track have been washing up more and more – the past two years have intensified that even further. This feeling of not belonging, to constantly be in search for something and to never find peace in one place is something I have found myself feeling more and more in the recent past”.

As an artist, Coumarin’s approach is methodical and unique. There are elements of ’70s psychedelic rock in his sound, in addition to dashes of modern shoegaze, along with an inflection of pop songwriting. His tracks take on socio-political issues and prod the narrative of everyday life. 

“Coupled with a sense of seemingly ubiquitous discontent emanated by my own generation there is a lot to unpack and to meditate about when it comes to us as a society and the millennial generation,” Coumarin shared of the track.

You can give “New Descent” a spin below: