Fisher Uploads Full ‘Under Construction’ LA Set With Chris Lake

One of the most beloved B2Bs in today’s industry is finally online for us to enjoy. Last week, Fisher uploaded his L.A. ‘Under Construction’ B2B set with none other than Chris Lake. The 3-hour session, part of the brand the two of them have been working on since the beginning of last year, is one of the most exciting concepts in the current mainstream tech house scene.

It’s been more than half a decade since ‘Losing It’ took the industry by storm. Ever since, Fisher has been an absolute force to be reckoned with. Chris Lake, on the other side, had already spent the last couple of years becoming an absolute titan inside the darker genres of house music.

By the time both artists intertwined their careers, they were more than ready to take over the tech house scene. Ever since that moment, it’s been nothing but massive parties, the biggest stages, and the finest mainstage house music. The duo even managed to mix their way into Coachella. There, they delivered one of the best sessions of the entire festival.

It’s safe to say that this experiment has turned into a complete success. The only thing left to do was gear up and bring the party all across the globe. And that is exactly what they did.

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Chris Lake Fisher L.A. Hollywood Blvd. set

For 3 hours, the Hollywood Boulevard turned into a massive dance floor. A street that’s no stranger to such performances turned into an absolute house hub. The energy of both DJs, always complementing each other perfectly, was all the crowd needed. Here, it’s not about the massive stages and the crazy productions. It is all about house music. Endless dancing, vibing, and all-around good energies.

If that’s what your week’s missing, fear no more. Fisher and Chris Lake’s L.A. ‘Under Construction’ set is here to fix you up!

Find the track list here!