Fred again.., Anderson .Paak and CHIKA Release ‘places to be’


Fred again.. has once again released another banger in the form of ‘places to be’ alongside Anderson .Paak and CHIKA. The track comes out on time for the festive summer days and vibrant summer nights. The collaborative banger, ‘places to be’ from Fred again.., Anderson .Paak, and CHIKA will ensure that the first weekend of June, as well as upcoming weekends of June, July, August, and even September, will for sure the track as a must-hear for all occasions. For this track, Fred again.. even has more support in the form of regular music collaborators and also good friends, Skrillex and Boo. Click ‘Play’ on the Spotify link below to stream ‘places to be’, a track that is perfect for any mood, whether if you want to chill by yourself or throw down some moves on the floor with friends, family, and other like-minded music aficionados.

‘places to be’ sets a melodic upbeat mood to bring out the summertime emotions

With the potential to be in a ‘Top 10’ list of summertime hits for the year 2024, ‘places to be’ provided melodic synths and rising techno beats that gets the listener up to the feet the first second they start playing the track. Originally, this track built on from an unreleased sample from Anderson .Paak and CHIKA themselves as well. With the release of this groovy, euphoric single, one can bet that Fred again.. will for sure team up with Anderson .Paak and CHIKA once more to produce and release more high-quality tracks with another.

As of the moment of this writing, Fred again.. is gearing up for a gnarly super-rave at Civic Center Plaza in San Francisco with Skrillex on Saturday, ?June 1st. That event is going to be one to never forget for anyone who plans to be there. Overall, things are just continuing to look even more magnificent for the South London-born producer.