John Summit Has Words for Fan Calling Him the “Next Avicii”

*Featured Cover Photo Credit: Sacha Lecca / Rolling Stone

Recently on TikTok, an account by the name of “@I don’t snort percs” made a comment to John Summit, calling him the “next Avicii“. This person’s comment was:

“Bros gonna crash out like avicii just wait”


John Summit then made a TikTok clip of his own (see below) and stated his displeasure towards the comparisons. The house music star, whose hit tracks include, ‘Where You Are’, ‘La Danza’, and ‘Shiver’, said that the comparisons were “extremely disrespectful” and the late, legendary Swedish icon of dance/electronic music was an inspiration for him.

John Summit then added that the only way to honor Avicii’s legacy was to “not make the same mistakes”. At the end of the clip, John Summit then affirmed his love for entertaining the fans and music making. Avicii and John Summit are two incredible electronic music professionals who have their own unique and phenomenal way to connect with their fans through their unforgettable tracks.