Julio Victoria Gives Techno Tap on Lawrence Lui’s Spellbinding ‘Formosa’

Last month, Lawrence Lui released his single ‘Formosa‘ off of his debut album 8 Songs which released on April 28 to celebrate AAPI month in May. ‘Formosa’, a spellbinding and ambient track which features mesmerizing trancelike vocals from Lucy 22, transports listeners into a rapturous realm in the vein of acts like Burial, Bjork and Grouper. Built upon an abstract sound design, it is an unique listening experience that is just as captivating even without any basslines or kicks.

And now, Colombia’s celebrated DJ/producer Julio Victoria taps Lawrence’s work into a peak techno stormer that is perfect for thumping away to in any warehouse or club party. The remix takes hold of Lucy 22’s vocals and melds it into five minutes of exhilarating techno bliss.

Check out the track below and enjoy!