Lil Mota Releases Newest Hit, ‘Conditioned by Society’


Lil Mota is a first generation lyrical Rapper that started creating music on his own at the age of 16. Born December 29, 1998 the Las Vegas native resurrects his influences Kendrick lamar, Jcole, Logic, Tupac in a unique and original way.

He uses figures of speech to tell a story with his own personal message intertwined. His music touches issues involving the street life Lil Mota continues to establish himself as an artist explains to his audience the inner demons he has encountered on his path to success.

Lil Mota is Well known for his song “Faith” which gained over 100k views the first 2 weeks on youtube gaining the attention of a lot of people in the music industry like Fat Joe and Sauce Walka. The 23-years-old rapper provides a banger catchy hook along with lyrical verses that created a such a masterpiece.