Mija Releases New Single: ‘A Woman Comes Into The Room’

DJ, Producer and supreme tastemaker Mija is back with her latest single, ‘A Woman Comes Into The Room’. The club-ready track features a special vocal sample from a poem that touched Mija for many years. After time and effort, she was able to clear the sample and bring the track to life as she imagined it. Have a listen to it here, or below if you so wish.

“‘A Woman Comes Into The Room’ is a poem by 77-year-old female author Alice Notely that I love. I sampled it in this new club track and have been playing it out live.

— MIja

Mija further talks about the new single: “I was going for a classic house sound but also wanted it to be grittier and fun to play in smaller, dark spaces“. She says she contacted Alice via email and she allowed her to use her voice and poem for the track.

‘A Woman Comes Into The Room’ has just been lifted from Mija’s forthcoming NO RULES EP, following its piecemeal fashion. The EP is being unveiled a track per month, adding to the hype as Mija goes on tour.

A Woman Comes Into The Room

A playful rendition of Notely’s poem, the track kicks in with a pumping bassline and a strong groove. The Tech-House sharp sounds fill the track with joy as the vocals give the track variation. Further underground vibes come midway through, to give listeners a break before coming back in full swing to that club-wrecking sound the tune rocks all throughout.

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