Outdoor Concerts To Return To Colorado, With Limitations

Starting today, outdoor concerts are returning to Colorado, but with certain limitations. This announcement comes as part of the next segment of the state’s “Safer at Home” reopening plan.

As the guidelines state, outdoor venues over 6,500 square feet can reopen at 25 percent capacity, or up to 75 people. Venues over 11,300 square feet can host under 100 people, or up to 25 percent capacity. Although this is great news for music lovers, not all Colorado venues will reopen. Denver’s Levitt Pavilion has expressed interest in opening soon. Meanwhile, much of Red Rocks‘ summer concert season remains either postponed or canceled. This is mostly due to the capacity limit, as well as the large efforts involved in hosting a show. Regardless, many fans are hopeful that with social distancing rules still in place, more venues will reopen soon.

Concerns surrounding COVID-19 are still serious. But Colorado has seen a steady decline in cases since the beginning of May. As of June 17, the number of cases in Colorado sits at almost 30,000. However, this figure is proportionally higher than in neighboring states, many of which are also reopening.

Words from Colorado Governor Jared Polis

On Monday, June 15, Governor Jared Polis discussed the state’s plans for reopening, as well as the risks involving COVID-19:

Now to be clear, there is a risk in all activities and some Coloradans will choose not yet to engage in these activities that put them at risk and that is a wise course to take if you’re over 65 or have a pre-existing condition. But there are others that might be adverse to taking that risk of all ages, and we support that and acknowledge that. For those who choose to take that minor risk, we want to make these activities as safe as possible. And that’s why it’s important that people wear masks when they’re in public and stay six feet apart from each other.

To learn more about Colorado’s plans, watch Governor Polis’ address below. Stay tuned to Mix 247 EDM News for more updates.