SABAI and Hoang Collaborate on Emotive Single ‘North Star’ Featuring Casey Cooks

It’s been 3 years since SABAI and Hoang collaborated together on their 2020 hit ‘Million Days‘ which now has over 80 million streams on Spotify/Youtube alone. Both of their fan bases have been asking for another collaboration for years and now the boys are finally delivering! ‘North Star‘ is their emotive follow up to ‘Million Days‘ and features LA vocalist Casey Cooks.

‘North Star’ is a track that speaks to SABAI’s purpose, shedding light on how and why his music is so significant to his journey as an artist in the modern world. There’s a refreshing honesty and sincerity to the lyrics being sung, “no matter how deep, no matter how far, you always walk me through the dark.. no matter the path, I’ll find my way back to where you are,” shedding light on how profound this musical journey has been for SABAI and encouraging his fans to seek their true purpose in life. Every lyric of the track is heartfelt and personal as the three artists wrote the track from a place of vulnerability. Whether it be a friend, family, sibling, or partner, everyone needs a ‘North Star’ that they can depend on. On top of Casey’s angelic vocals, SABAI and Hoang have pieced together a beautiful piano composition along with an emotionally charged melodic bassline. If you loved ‘Million Days’, just wait until you sing along to ‘North Star’ with your friends as you listen to the track live at one of their upcoming shows.

SABAI and Hoang are preparing for their headlining North American Millions Day Tour with 15 stops across the continent. Be sure to check out which cities they are playing at near you!