SiriusXM Challenges Spotify With New $9.99 Monthly Subscription App

In the ever-changing modern streaming world, multiple challengers rise to the occasion. This time, SiriusXM just announced a major rebrand, with a new streaming app on a $9.99 All Access Service”. The major US radio satellite service had a communications event on November 8th, in which they announced a new logo, and the new app. (Source) This is a direct challenge to the success Spotify has had as a streaming platform.

SiriusXM wants to involve a newer generation of listeners, with the inclusion of Podcasts, a “For You” page, and Sports. All within a user-friendly streaming experience. Consolidating all its assets into one app is the closest the service gets to Spotify, which just announced a big royalty model change for 2024.

The radio service has also made major acquisitions recently, buying out Pandora and the Podcast platform Stitcher. However, Pandora had lost 112,000 subscribers up to Q3 in 2023 and the satellite service lost 94,000. In contrast, Spotify’s subscriber base grew to 226 Million paying users.

“The introduction of the new SiriusXM streaming experience marks a pivotal moment in our history, one that kicks off a new era of innovation at our Company.”

said Jennifer Witz, CEO, SiriusXM.

Moreover, the company will bring out channel takeovers from many popular artists and bands, ranging from Olivia Rodrigo and Cardi B to Luke Combs. The new app will be available for download starting December 14th, 2023 on the App Store, Google Play, and Amazon Fire devices. What do you think of this Challenge? Team SiriusXM, or Spotify? Also whatever happened to Apple Music…