six o five x E.P.O. – mockingbird

six o five x E.P.O. - mockingbird

71%Overall Score

• Peculiar rework of Eminem’s classic
• Emphasis on the piano sections
• Heavier reverb on vocals than usual

This one is a weird specimen, but it sounds strangely good. Producers six o five and E.P.O. just dropped this Phonk tune on Tribal Trap with a familiar name… Yes, “mockingbird” is a rework of Eminem’s 2004 titular hit.

It is pretty strange (if not intentional, one would say), as “Mockingbird” stays far away from the underground hip-hop vibes and gets transposed to the Trap (and now Phonk) world. It’s a very intimate record originally dedicated to Eminem’s daughters, created from a lullaby.

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So why the Phonk remake of it?

Well, for sure it grabs the attention of casual listeners, let’s be honest. I personally fell into this trap and here reviewing it! Also, to experiment boldly, which I appreciate as interesting Phonk experiments are rarely disappointing.

The duo (E.P.O. being a Tribal Trap veteran, six o five a mysterious Phonk new alias) introduces the known piano riff, then slowly distorts it with wobbling basses and huge reverbs. Not the truest approach to Phonk, as it sounds closer to a typical “slowed + reverb” edit. The vocals pop out and are curiously distorted as well. One-third of this track is just piano sans vocals and a rather delicate bassline, which is rather unusual for the said genre.

Personally, I felt slightly weary of the muffled looped vocal, although what came out from “mockingbird” satisfied me. It’s a courageous attempt with a fresh idea, some homage paid to the unforgettable hit, and an enrichment on the piano that leaves the listener with a surprising and satisfying experience. Something out of the ordinary, and I like that!

You can listen to “mockingbird” here:

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