Sound Of Legend – Some Kind Of Kiss (Siks Remix)

Sound Of Legend - Some Kind Of Kiss (Siks Remix)

72%Overall Score

• A delicate rework of the original
• Superb vocals
• Evolution in Sik’s signature sound

A gorgeous original: that should be said before praising this charming Future House remix from Siks. The French alias has a distinctive sound that’s roaring in the Bass House scene lately, racking up millions of streams and achieving significant feats (Julian Jordan, Steff da Campo) has worked on “Some Kind of Kiss“, from the connotations Sound of Legend.

It’s a subtle rework, as the original already brandishes a delectable melodic drop with a wobbling bassline, blending the atmosphere with an intriguing vocal rendition. Siks didn’t alter a lot, rather augmenting the elements with an energetic bassline and striking set of percussions. By comparison, I felt the full blast of adrenaline that comes with it. That’s some Hexagon variant of Future House, or Siks has been calling it, “Future Progressive“.

An admirable concept, it mixes familiar Future House aesthetics with a more delicate assortment of leads and complex riffs,

and when there is a good vocal accompanying on top of this, the outcome shines. Also the breakdown of “Some Kind Of Kiss” is fastidiously crafted, with a crescendo that valorizes once more the vocalist’s input and introduces the Progressive lead. Perhaps something more could have been added here in parallel to the original, just to stand out a little more…

Future Progressive has turned me into a fan, and it’s nice to see the evolution of this talented producer. Let’s see what more surprises Siks has in store for us!

You can listen to “Some Kind Of Kiss” here:

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