T7 Paris Unveils Amazing Winter 2024 Lineup

As the curtain falls on another year, Parisian club T7 is gearing up to make winter 2024 an unforgettable season. Nestled high above the city at Porte de Versailles, T7 has already hosted stellar performances from the likes of Kevin de Vries, Miss Monique, Shlømo, and Worakls, setting the stage for a winter lineup that promises to be nothing short of extraordinary.

While T7 has long been synonymous with techno in all its forms, this winter sees the club diversifying its musical palette. From the infectious beats of House and the cutting-edge vibes of Tech House to the powerful energy of Hardstyle and the captivating melodies of Melodic Techno, T7 aims to cater to a spectrum of musical tastes. There’s truly something for everyone beneath the club’s iconic roof.

T7 Winter 2024 Schedule

So far, the announced winter schedule is the following :

After Phantom Paris announced its Fall lineup, and as the Parisian skyline fades into the night, T7 Paris is set to transform its space into a winter wonderland of sound and rhythm. The beats will echo through the venue, creating an immersive experience for club-goers seeking warmth and connection in the midst of the winter chill.

In the heart of the city, T7 stands tall as a beacon for music lovers, inviting them to dance, connect, and embrace the vibrant energy that defines its exceptional winter 2024 programming. Get ready to elevate your Parisian nights as T7 unfolds its winter wonderland of music. Grab your ticket here.