The Genesis of ‘Emotions’: TATE SEDAR and P….


TATE SEDAR, an exceptional talent from the Insomniac Discovery Project, forges a powerful bond with Clayton Brann, aka P$YCHEDELIC, in their summer release, “Emotions.” Clayton, renowned for his electrifying verses on “CLICK” by Ghengar and his viral hit “Ballin’” with 4.7 million YouTube views, is rapidly ascending in the music scene. “Emotions,” a meticulously crafted post-EDM masterpiece, spans three years of collaboration and industry trials, capturing the essence of TATE’s unique rapport with the rising rapper. The track’s funky riffs, dynamic basslines, and punchy 808 drums evoke the sounds of Noizu and Sage Armstrong.

In 2021, TATE embarked on his post-EDM journey with “Emotions.” Despite a setback at the EDC 2022 contest, a serendipitous meeting with Clayton at Countdown NYE 2023 set the stage for their creative alliance. Their connection, fueled by shared influences like Michael Jackson, blossomed into a deep friendship, culminating in a reunion at Beyond Wonderland 2024, where Clayton’s single “Ballin’” had already made significant waves.

“Emotions” shows off teamwork at it’s finest, weaving their shared experiences into a sonic narrative.