Timmy Trumpet, Rave Republic, Arrow – Ole Ole

Timmy Trumpet, Rave Republic, Arrow - Ole Ole

43%Overall Score

Arrow‘s originality is completely gone
• Unrecognisable results from these aliases
• Generic, generic as hell

Note: This is a more detailed review of the song from another perspective. The earlier mention can be found on the Weekly Roundup LI.

Oh, Timmy… teaming up with the Rave Republic seemed like a pragmatic choice, as the duo is in excellent form this year yet the outcome of this alliance was disheartening, to say the least.

“Ole Ole” is the newest single from the trio, inspired by Arrow‘s old-school Caribbean/Disco hit “Hot Hot Hot”, which I sincerely recommend since it’s very distinct from this… thing.

Initiating with a Samba theme that introduces exotic percussions and a summerish vibe, I was half expecting something with a tropical timbre. Nope. The usual, flat, and monotonous Big Room attempt made even worse than usual if I have to be picky. The kick is embarrassingly generic, and the lead is one of the most predictable sounds from the bunch.

This rework claims heredity from the vibrant original with its vocal loop, which comes off as a wasted opportunity since there’s no component synergizing, disappearing even before the buildup.

The final drop is almost a saving grace where there’s apparently a pinch of intervention from the Rave Republic, who paired a harder kick with Psy bassline, yet that wasn’t enough. Initially born as a soccer anthem, I doubt that “Ole Ole” has the capacity for that task. It is a victim of a mundane and uninventive approach, making me doubt whether these professionals actually released it with a sensible purpose.

You can listen to “Timmy Trumpet, Rave Republic, Arrow” here:

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