TripL, NORII & YOSEEK – Need You

TripL, NORII & YOSEEK - Need You

67%Overall Score

• Smacking percussions under a dirty lead
• Techno influences in the buildup
• Melody doesn’t catch up at first

It’s been more than a year since the Israeli duo TripL made contact, a mainstay in Revealed Recordings with their Bass House creations. Turns out, they are back!

“Need You” is a synergy comprising NORII and YOSEEK from Japan, and in fact, I can hear a subtle Asian tone in the percussions!

Overall, we don’t have a gentle production here, as “Need You” may illude you with a soothing vocal right before shaking it up with a Techno approach, composed of raw leads and dark synths. The build is quite minimal, having a low-pitched vocal.

The drop is a reminder of SWACQ‘s futuristic Bass House, with a familiar lead, but the results stand out with the mentioned drums and a typical TripL wobbling bassline. Honestly, the melody didn’t catch my attention as I was expecting something more fast-paced, although towards the conclusion it started to sound hypnotic.

“Need You” is constructed around an old-school format with some brilliant touches to render it interesting enough for 2023. From TripL, who has delivered great releases before, I was expecting more since this won’t be saved in my “hits” playlist. Apart from that, it was entertaining!

You can listen to “Need You” here:

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