Wiwek was quite in a rush here: the new Rave Culture release seems somehow incomplete

• The vocal is overwhelming
• Something’s missing in the drop
• Solid structure, loved the second breakdown

It’s great to see Wiwek back on Rave Culture. As one of the most intriguing figures in the EDM scene, Wiwek initially gained fame with Jungle Terror, a genre he pioneered. In recent years, he’s shifted towards more traditional sounds, exploring Techno and darker vibes, even collaborating with label owners W&W. While not as revolutionary as before, Wiwek remains a solid presence on the label.

Wiwek hasn’t lost his touch, as evidenced by his recent “Jungle Terror EP vol. 5” on Barong Family, featuring bangers like “Cola” and “Scream” that keep the Jungle Terror vibe alive.

Rave Culture is known for experimenting with more standard EDM sounds, which holds promise. However, “Rush” didn’t quite convince me. It’s an interesting tune, hence my decision to review it, but it lacks the spark I’ve come to expect from Wiwek in his other tracks.

What’s striking about “Rush” is its vocal component. It’s a chaotic cacophony of sounds, a classic Wiwek move that hypnotizes with constant pitch changes. It’s genius, if you can handle it. Personally, after the third listen during review, I had to stop because it became overwhelming. The vocal alone could carry the song, a rarity especially with such chopped structures.

The issue lies in the drop, which feels a bit flat and fails to capitalize on the intense buildup of the vocal. It attempts to infuse Rave Culture’s signature twist but comes off as somewhat generic and minimal. The drums, in particular, didn’t quite convince me.

A more successful experiment occurs in the second breakdown, where a piano takes center stage, offering a departure from the tribal vibes. Unfortunately, this element disappears in the final drop, which lacks the impact I anticipated, focusing primarily on the drums.

Despite its shortcomings, I still recommend “Rush” for its unforgettable vocal component and endurance. If the vocal doesn’t overwhelm you, it’s worth a listen. I just wished the drop had delivered the explosive energy I was hoping for.

You can listen to “Rush” here:

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