DJ Tennis Launches His Own Cooking Show Called Munchietown

Besides performing music to thousands on the dancefloor, DJs usually have other side hobbies and personal interests that they participate in during their little bit of free time when they are not on tour. Some DJ’s like to play sports while others like to game online. DJ Tennis has always expressed his interest in cooking by showcasing his skills at ADE and Miami Music Week. Now the Italian DJ has just launched his very own cooking show called ‘Munchietown‘ to satisfy his fascination and expertise of cooking.

Collaborating with his good friends chef, Paul Delrez, and DJ Traumer, DJ Tennis has just put out the first episode of his cooking show that will be exclusive to Instagram, YouTube and TikTok. In the show they cook a very enticing Pasta a le Vongole. DJ Tennis has mentioned that he plans to make this show a weekly series that will take place across his social platforms. He states that they’ll be “brainstorming about the dishes and shopping for ingredients” in upcoming episodes.

For all the dance music fans that are also chefs or have a fascination with cooking, this might just be the newest content that you can keep up with. As DJ Tennis continues to push forward his Munchietown show, maybe we can expect more activations and events that fuses beats with culinary in the near future. Check out a post from DJ Tennis on his latest cooking show below now.