Pete Tong and BBC 1 Share 30 Classic Essential Mixes

To end the year of 2023 memorably, British dance music legend Pete Tong and BBC Radio 1 jointly announced and unveiled 30 Essential Mixes throughout the past three decades. These amazing 30 Essential Mixes are available for a limited time on BBC Sounds and each mix shows how electronic music have progressed since the 1990s.

To promote this nostalgic celebration, Pete Tong uploaded a post on Instagram that contained an intro of Daft Punk’s debut Essential Mix in 1997. The caption on the Instagram post also listed the other 29 Essential Mixes that will featured alongside Daft Punk’s mix, including Pete Tong’s debut Essential Mix in 1993. Shown below is the SoundCloud link to Pete Tong’s debut mix.

30 Essential Mixes spanned three decades of electronic music progress and innovation

Electronic music fans, whether if they began liking the genre in the ’90s, the 2000s, the 2010s, or even only a few years ago, will certainly love these 30 Essential Mixes. Notable ones include Paul Oakenfold’s from 1994, Carl Cox’s from 1998, Tiësto’s from 2001, DJ Snake’s from 2014, and Elkka’s from 2021.

Listening to these mixes is a wonderful experience for recent and seasoned electronic music fans alike. In fact, listening to the 30 Essential Mixes will make one feel how far the electronic music industry has come a long way to become a global force that it is today.

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