The new adventure of Robin Schulz: his alter ego KOPPY, with “Atlantis”

The new adventure of Robin Schulz: his alter ego KOPPY, with “Atlantis”

68%Overall Score

• Fast paced arrangements
• Piano-led melody
• Not so far from Schulz’s sound

Robin Schulz is no stranger to the hitmaking process, after several acclaimed EDM albums and gaining colossal success with releases such as “Prayer in C” and the recent 2022 anthem “Miss You“. Unfolding a new chapter, he introduced the alias of a cartoon cat, KOPPY.

I would like to say that it is perhaps a fine idea to use such a moniker for this change of genre, as Electropop and Piano House are still consistent with Robin’s style, but he needs less pressure and more space to tinker around after being on the top of EDM scene. The debut release, “Atlantis” is our under a minor Spinnin’ Sublabel, Mentalo Music.

KOPPY used a bouncy style that sounds close to the classic Piano House we are hearing lately, with a clear Electropop influence. Bright vocals, easy-going attitude: the usual commercial elements. Honestly, nothing SO unconventional to justify the new branding, as this could have easily been a normal release. Although projects like Pickle taught us, let’s wait for some time before rendering a final judgment.

For now, “Atlantis” is a sort of upgrade to “Miss You” with a Piano heavy approach and less charismatic (yet certainly catchy) vocals. It strikes close to the familiar Robin Schulz signature, and its sound design remains polished and well-constructed. I see a trend in coming with this sped-up House style, and it’s nice to see (or at least anticipate) more explorations in this direction, but the spark didn’t light with KOPPY yet.

Frankly, cartoon aliases never convinced me, such as Dreamz or Pickle. Let’s see how one of the most thriving creators in the scene will evolve this cute alias.

You can listen to “Atlantis” here: